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1 Burns, John W.:PAK-20. Plastic Aircraft Kits of the Twentieth Century (And Beyond). 1st Edition 2003. Published by the author.

West germany, np
Though these kits appeared more frequently as built-ups using thge NOCH logo, they were also marketed briefly as kits in the mid 1960´s. There have been reports of a single kit containing both the Boelkow Phoebus and Boelkow Jr. gliders but this has not ben confirmed.

The following aircraft kits are listed:

FM-1B Ka-10
FM-4B Ka-10 w/trailer
FM-6B Boelkow Rhoebus
FM-8B Boelkow Jr.
FM-12B Schleicher ASK-13
FM-14B Schleicher ASK-13 w/trailer
FM-15B Hang -Glider
FM-16B Dornier Do-28
2 In the Modelling column of FLYING REVIEW INTERNATIONAL Vol. 22 No 14 October 1967 W R Matthews reviews a "Fischer" kit GERMAN SAILPLANE
A new West German company, Fisher, has issued a neat little model to 1/87th scale of the Ka-10 sailplane. This is accurate and extremely well made, and it can be assembled literally in two minutes.It forms part of a set which comprises a VW Karman Ghia coupé , a trailer for the ailplane (the wings of which are detachable to alow loading) and a hangar. By the use of all these items an attractive gliding scene may be assembled. A similar set comprising a Boelkow Phoebus sailplane, a Boelkow Junior tug, a winch, windsock and six figures will be issued shortly.

3 E-mail contact with U.G. Sept 2010 who was aquainted with        Mr. Fischer.  
4 Telephone coversation with  R.B.who run this kiosk.  
5 Miniaturbahnen (MIBA) 4 Band XIX 17.3.1967 Review of  "H.Fischer Kunststoffspritzerei Berkheim"....A new company which we discovered in passing ..". They quote the K-10, the hangar, the trailer, then Karman Gia.

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