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Fischer Modelle


I'm not quite shure how I became aware of  the German FISCHER kits. It may be by  browsing John Burn's PAK-20 [1] finding interesting types of aircraft like the Boelkow Junior and the Do-28.  Or I may have discovered them by doing research on NOCH models (see below) and looked up FISCHER in PAK-20 later.

List of Kits

The kits available in 1968  are shown in this catalogue.

A selection of kits from my collection is compiled here.


I did no find much about the history of FISHER kits. I can present here only fragments I got from various sources.

According to PAK-20 [1] FISCHER kits were marketed in the mid 1960's.
In the Modelling column of FLYING REVIEW INTERNATIONAL Vol 22 No 14 October 1967  there is reviewed the  FISCHER K-10 gider [2]. In the German Model railways nagazine "Miniaturbahnen" there is  a review of FISCHER kits in the  March 1967 toy fair issue   [5].  So 1967  quite  certainly is the year the kits were issued first.

The company name was H. Fischer Kunstoffverarbeitung based in Berkheim Germany (see 1968 catalogue).

FISCHER produced also promotional gifts and  carnival masks [3].

Mr. Fischer passed away in 2001. His wife sold all kits to a private collector in Stuttgart, Germany. The moulds together with the  machines were bought by Weinert company in Weye, Germany (still existing as Weinert Modellbau ). But there are no kits on store there. [3]

In a phone call Weinert confirmed that they have the molds but have no time to have a look for what kits.

Fischer sailplanes were sold in bags without any lettering in the kiosk of the mountain rescue service on the Waserkuppe gliding center in Germany.[4]

To my present knowledge (March 2015) five companies issued kits resp. models based on FISCHER MODELLE moulds.






Fischer Modelle

Picture 1: FM-1B Ka-10. .©cjk


FISCHER FM 15 B  Hanggleiter (slope glider) ©cjk
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