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Airfix Kits I Remember

I list here Aifix kits I remember to have built in my youth from the late 1950´s to the late 1960´s .

The kits are arranged to my personal preference.

This is no complete list of Airfix kits. An excellent listing of Airfix kits with much background information is compiled in the CD Airfix Collectors Guide. Highly recommended !

The date of first issue by Airfix I quote below is taken from this source.

I will indicate the package style with every picture I place below. I use the classifications of packaging styles which are explained in detail in the highly recommended website Collecting Airfix Kits.

Though I remember clearly the type of aircraft or ship I had in my youth and the color of the plastic I do not at all remember the packing style. So I either estimate what it could have been from the date,  choose  one I like today or show a choice of two.
 Airfix Kits I remember

Three packaging styles are relevant here:

Type 0 (boxes only) Type 1 (header cards only) Type 2, and Type 3 (header and box). Type 2 style header cards was introduced in about 1959/60.

Type 3 header cards were introduced in the Autumn of 1963 and lasted into the 1970s. Type 3 boxes was used 1963-1973.

Plasty repacked Airfix kits for distribution in Germany. They used  T 1 header cards of own design and packed bags in various trays. These will appear in the list, too, especially as the early kits I remember must have been from Plasty.

(Designation as on Airfix Issue)
(Airfix in context with other brands see
 How it All Began).
First issued
by Airfix
My first kits        
Ferguson Tractor
Together with the Westland S 55 this may be one of my first kit proper.   Plasty

T 1
Westland S 55
Together with the Ferguson tractor this may be one of my first kit proper. 1956 Plasty

T  1
Westland Lysander
 In my memory I perceived this kit and the S6b (see below) as kits to have to be assembled and glued toghether and perceived them as individual types of aircraft.  1956 Plasty

T  1
Supermarine S.6 b Racer   1957 Plasty

T  1
Fokker Triplane Dr.1   1957 Plasty

T  1
Hawker Typhoon
1959 T 2
In the recollection of my memories the brand Airfix is firmly associated with these kits of airliners and bombers.        
Bristol Supefreihter I'm  shure I had the T 2 box. Type 3 box came with British United decals, whereas mine had definels Silver City decals. 1959 T 2
De Havilland Heron     T 2
Fokker F-27 Friendship     T 2
Douglas C-47 Dakota   1960   T 2
Short Sunderland III I'm quite shure I had the T 2 box. 1959 T 2
Bristol 192   1959 T 2
Vickers Wellingon B III     T 2
Avro Lancaster B1     T 2
Dornier Do-217        
Boeing B-17G   1962 T 2
Boeing B-17G     T 3
Consolidated B-24D Liberator        
The ships        
H.M.S Nelson   1961 T 2
H.M.S. Hood   1960 T 2
Bismark   1962 T 2
HMS Victorious     T 2
HMS Cossack     T 2
H.M.S Shannon I had one or more of this small scale historical ships. I do not remember which type. This Shannon serves as an example   Plasty
T 1 ?
Favorites besides the airliners and bombers above.        
Auster Antarctic        
Avro Anson        
De Havilland Comet Racer        
Douglas Boston         
Gloster Gladiator MK 1        
Grumman Gosling        
Lokheed Hudson        
Messerschmitt Bf 110 D        
Percival Jet Provost        
Roland C II    1965    
Supermarine Walrus MK II        
The Last Kits (unbuilt)        
Boeing 314 Clipper Bought at the end of the 1960's but not built anymore. Went into the 1980's collection. I did not find my T3 issue, so I picture a T4 issue I bought seconhand.
Boxart is the same.
1967 T 4
Ford Trimotor Bought at the end of the 1960's. Not built. Parts  in scrap-box, which survived. 1968    
The rest. Not just favorites in the recollection of my memories.
Achi D3 A1 "Val"        
Boulton-Paul Defiant        
BAC 111        
Boeing 707        
Boeing B-29 Superfortress Converted to weather reconnaissance version. Turrets removed. Painting in overall silver yielded bad results. Stopped finishing this kit. 1966    
Bristol Fighter        
Bristol Beaufighter        
Dassault Mirage III C        
De Havilland Mosquito FB VI        
Grumman TBM3 Avenger        
English Elecric Lightning        
Iliushin Stormovik        
Junkers Ju-52 /3m         
Lockheed F104 Starfighter        
Lockheed P-38J Lighning        
Messerschmitt Bf-109 G  Repacked by Plasty. Bag with German instructio in blue schrinkwrapped plastic tray.    T 3

Mikoyan Mig-15        
Mitsubishi "Dinah"        
North American Harvard II        
N. A.. P-51 D Mustang I' not quite shure if I had the Airfix Mustang. I definitely had the Revell 1:72 Mustang.      
Vertol 107   1965    
Yakovlev Yak-9D        

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