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Progresswerk Nuernberg -
Product Line of Plastic Kits

To date I have identified the following ways Progresswerk Nuernberg issued pastic kits:
  • Kits manufactured under licence of ITC [4]
  • ITC kits distributed with German language instruction sheets
  • Kits of indegeous design manufactured  from own moulds
  • HELLER kits distributed with German instruction sheets and a yellow  Progresswerk Nuernberg sticker on the bags resp. boxes.
The list on the right  is extracted from the instruction sheet  for the Graf Spee pocket battleship (HO yx numbers) and the instrucion sheet from the  apparently newer Z1 Zerstoerer insruction sheet (54 xyz numbers).

The Heller kits are not listed in both, but instead found in the 1965 price list and in the 1970's catalogue. That points out that the Heller kits were added to the product line only later.
Remark: The Heller  kits are not yet included in the list on the right, which is from the time when I started this page and I did not have the catalogue and price list. I'm still (July 2015) updating all pages of this website. That implies mostly standardizing the format and eliminating programming bugs. This is to the expense of updating the contents proper of this and other pages.

The pocket battleship Graf Spee is an example of an ITC kit which was manufactured under licence by Progresswerk Nuernberg. Kit No. on the box is
3647.5 - 398, typical for original ITC kits. The text on the box is pure English, but you find the PROGRESSWERK NUERNBERG  logo besides the ITC company name and logo. The ITC logo is extended with the statement Made in West Germany. The instruction sheet is pure German language and there is a statement which translates to Manufactured in licence by Progress-Werk Nuernberg. Note the spelling of Progresswerk with a hiven in this case.

The  F-108 Rapier which I aquired from a German seller, may be an example of an ITC kit which Progresswerk obviously  distributed only. As with the Graf Spee the box has pure English text  but in this case there is no reference to Progresswerk on the box. It includes a German language instruction sheet which the company name Progesswerk- Nuernberg and logo but no statement of licence manufacturing. There is also no list of other kits. I'm not sure if this copy of the F-108 is the original set as the lower part of the box is replaced by another one and parts are missing. But at least the instruction sheet with no hint of licence manufacturing speaks for itself.

The kits headed by new in the list on the right seem to be made from original Progresswerk moulds.

The text on the box of the Z1 Zerstoerer is completely in German language, Made in West Germany is printed on the lower left corner of the boxtop, the instruction sheet as well has full German text. The Progresswerk logo is moulded into the hull.

The Bloch 152 is an example of HELLER kits which were distributed  by Progresswerk Nuernberg. Pure French language text on the box but there is sticked a yellow  label sticks on the boxtop  which says: PROGRESSWERK NUERNBERG and [I translate:] Plastic kit with German assembly instruction sheet.

Product Line of Plastic Kits

No. old No. new Kit
HO 1 54 001 N-156 Yet Fighter
[Yet !! ,obviuosly  a typo
HO 2 54 002 T-38 Yet Trainer
HO 3 54 003 F-108 Rapier-Raketenflugzeug
.rocket plane
HO 4 54 004 Mule, Jeep mit Kanone am Fallschirm
..with cannon at parachute
HO 5 54 005 Foxterrier
HO 6 54 006 Scotchterrier
HO 7 54 007 Bulldogge
HO 8 54 008 Boxer
HO 9 54 009 Collie "Lassie"
HO 10 54 010 Schäferhund "Rintintin"
HO 11 54 011 BMW-Renn-Motorad motorcycle
HO 12 54 012 Harley-Davidson-Motorrad Amerik. Polizeimotorrad mit Beiwagen, El-Motor-Antrieb
American police motorcycle with electric motor
HO 13 54 013 not used
HO 14 54 014 Panzer mit El.Motor und Fernsteuerung
HO 15 54 015 Mannschaftstransportpanzer mit El.Motor und Fernsteuerung
Crew transporter with electric motor and remote control
HO 16 54 016 Raketenpanzer
mit El.Motor und Fernsteuerung
Missile tank
..with electric motor and remote control
HO 17 54 017 not used
HO 18 54 018 not used
HO 19 54 019 not used
HO 20 54 020 Atomschiff "Savannah"
mit El. Motor und Fernsteuerung
Nuclear ship
with electric motor and remote control
HO 21 54 021 "Graf Spee"
 mit El-Motor und Fernsteuerung
with electric motor and remote control
HO 22 54 022 Submarine hunter with electric motor and remote control
HO 23 54 023 Luxus-Jacht "Wheeler" ca. 52 cm lang mit starkem El. Motor
Luxury yacht Length 52 cmm with strong electric. motor
  54 024 not used
     NEU ! [new]
  54 025 "Z1" Zerstörer
mit El-Motor und Fernsteuerung
..destroyer with electric motor and remote control
  54 026 "Gorch Fock"  Box Parts
mit El-Motor und Fernsteuerung
Pictures to the courtesy of takeoff1207©
  54 027 not used
  54 028 not used
  54 029 not used
  54 030 "Z1" Zerstörer
mit El-Motor
..destroyer with electric motor
  54 031 "Gorch Fock"
mit El-Motor
with electric motor
  32-39 not used
  54 040 Boeing 727 Lufthansa

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