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Douglas Skyknight F3D-2/F3D-2T2 - No. PK-134
Matchbox Kits
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This is a  personal view on Matchbox kits from my collection and not a comprehensive page about this manufacturer. A complete listing of Matchbox kits can be found in the  website which supplies pictures of the boxart of all matchbox kits and partially even of the moulds , instruction sheets, and even assembled models. You will also find informations about Matchbox kits in the printed media [2],[3], and [ 4] listed below.

I was inspired to create this Matchbox entry in my  website by the owner of, He contacted me via my website to let me know of his Matchbox site. Similarily as with the EKO page it was an opportunity to test how fast I can open a review of just another brand in my collection. It took 5 days including the contact for clearing the copyrights of some of the pictures and a total working time of 12 hours to yield an acceptable page. Since then it has still be updated to find the present format which will be a template for the future creation and update of other sup-pages.

Matchbox aircaft kits were issued first in 1973 so they are solely treated in the  Kits 1970 up section of this website.

Matchbox Kits from my 1980s Collection 

In the period from the end of the 70s to the end of the 80s I collected civil prop driven aircraft and fighters of the 50s.

Contrary to the 50s and 60s  "kits I remember" , these unbuilt kits are still present and intact, resting savely in big packing cases for about 30 years.

I found the following four Matchbox kits when I unpacked the cases .

Norseman, Dornier Skyservant, Douglas Skynight and F-86 Sabre (pictures right) .

These kits are an essential part of my modelling memory. and are the base of my present Matchbox collection . They gave Matchbox a meaning when I started collecting kits in grand style in 2003 with the discovery of eBay.

Spooling back my memories from this starting date Matchbox were always be characterized by me as  having multi-colored moulds, see picture right . As well I remember them as beeing made of a rather heavy gauge plastic, which compares somehow to my impression of Aurora kits.

Matchbox Kits Aquired since 2003 

The Matchbox kits I aquired since 2003 are listed in
Matchbox Kits in my collection together with the older kits. You will find there links to bigger pictures later subpages with my reviews.

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  • Scope and Appreciation of my Matchbox Collection

[ 1 ]  
[ 2 ] Burns (2003) PAK-20
[ 3 ] Ward (2004) Classic Kits
[ 4 ] Scale Modeler Int.
March 1996
J.C Carbonel: A History of Matchbox

Dornier Do 28D-2 Skyservant - No.
PK-107 cjk

Above: Dornier Do 28D-2 Skyservant. Multi colored moulds
Below. Backside of end opening box wiht window and color profiles. cjk


Three of my six Matchbox kits are very difficult to access in the moment as I have stored them with a big lot of other brands in a warehouse due to lack of space. But the owner of helped me out with his pictures to be able to present and comment my collection immediately.

Started : 24 Mar 2009  Revised : Author: C.J.K.