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        A Selecton of Aurora Kits back to 50's & 60's  



The early 1960´s, the second phase of my modelling history, was the time of "working" kits from LINDBERG, Monogram, Revell, and AURORA (see How it All Began ). 

Being made of thicker plastic as usual, AURORA kits always were classified as "heavy" by me. Generally this brand had a sort of mystic.


The history of AURORA is very well treated in Graham's monography [1], a good overview is given in PAK-20 [2]

Listings of AURORA Kits

A complete listing of AURORA kits have been compiled by Graham and Burns [1] and [2].

I confine here on listing kits from my collection :
1. Aurora Kits I Remember

I remember to have built 6 large scale AURORA kits:.

Albatros D-3 Red plastic  
Boeing F4-B    
PBY  Catalina Silver Plastic  
D.H. 10  
Hiller X-18    
Sopwith Triplane    

I also had the early series of twin-engined executive aircraft from AURORA: I´m not sure, if they belong here or to the third phase of modelling in the mid sixties when I was building 1/72 scale Airfix Frog and Revell kits (see How it All Began ).

Aero Commander    
Cessna 310    
Beech D 18    
Piper Apache    

2. A selection of Kits from my Collection.


[1] Graham, Thomas: Aurora Model Kits.
Atglen: Schiffer, 2004. ISBN: 0-7643-2018-1
[2] Burns, John W.:PAK-20. Plastic Aircraft Kits ofthe Twentieth Centurs (And Beyond). 1st Edition 2003. Published by the author
Plastic Kits

Picture 1: Boeing F-4B-4.   ©cjk

Picture 2: PBY Catalina ©cjk (no larger resolution)

Picture 3: De Havilland DH-10 Bomber. ©cjk

Picture 4: Hiller X-18 Convertiplane.  ©cjk
Parts  /  Instruction sheet  /  Details Instr. sheet 1  2

Picture 5: Cessna 310. ©cjk  (no larger resolution)

        A Selecton of Aurora Kits back to  50's & 60's  
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