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The German language website treats the Hammer product range extensively

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Simple injection moulded plastic models in various scales. The car models are between 1/53 - 1/75, the bus and truck models are closer to 1/87. All models can easily be identified, they all have the Hammer logo (Perspective capital H plus an image of a hammer) on the bottomplate.
4 1967 dealer catalog
5 Letter and title of sales dociment 1977
6 According to an auction from 2014
Nach dem Ende der Firma Hammer -Anfang der 80er Jahre- übernahm die Firma Hermann Reitz aus Lüdenscheid (HEREI) den Abverkauf der Hammer-Lagerbestände. In einem Herei-Prospekt von 1982 sind die Hammer-Modelle aufgeführt. Die Firma Herei vertrieb die Modelle allerdings in der Regel als Bausatz.
7 Burns, John W.:The Collectors Value Guide For Scale Model Plastic Kits. 6th edition. 1999. Published by the author. The following entries in the Ship Kit resp Miscellaneous Kits sections both are starting with HAMMER West Germany, np [=not producing]

A 1/650 Oil Tanker was issued only in 1979.

A 1/100 land-based Oil Rig kit was issued by this company.

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