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Hausser Board Game "Flug um die Welt"
"Flight Aroud the World"

Visitor please note: This is no standalone page but a subpage linked from the Hausser Super Constellation page to demonstrate in pictures  how I found the Constellation kit proper. I do not collect board games and do not know any collector prices.

As I told in the main Hausser page I bought this game in an auction as it supplied me with the first information about the Super Constellation plastic kit I was searching for in 2006.

I bid and bought this game as in the seller's description there could bee seen a leaflet, clearly showing a Constellation kit (see pictures below). In fact that leaflet was a game passenger ticket.

This picture was shown in the auction. Hausser Super Constellation kit identified !

When I got this game a closer look revealed that the leaflet shown in the auction was a game passenger ticket which contained an ad for the kit on the inside of the title page.

Gane tiket of Air France. ©cjk

Page 3 of this ticket. ©cjk
Plastic Kits


Game Board. ©cjk . Additional Contents: Timetables, tickets, dices and six Super Constellation game figures .

Below: Have a view at the lady depicted in the upper left corner, eating a meal. ©cjk

Page 3 of this ticket. ©cjk

The playground and some detail pictures of the game Flug um die Welt can bee seen on the pictures on the right. But I will not review more of this game which I  consider as off topic in this website.

Game figures are mini Constellations. ©cjk

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