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The first aircraft kits I built in my youth were from AIRFIX and the German manfacturer FALLER (see How it All Began). I remember to have build the Piper Cub in copper plastic reminiscent  to the Burda livery, the Messerschmitt Me-262 ( with that clumsy unrealistically array of 24 underwing rockets), the Junkers Ju-87 Stuka ( tank buster version  G, with that pair of 37 canons slung beneath the wings) the Republic F-84 Thunderjet, with that stunning photograph in the instructon sheet depicting the choice of external weapons, (see picture below right) and some more, which I cannot remember clearly (possibly the Fokker D.R. I triplane, the Fieseler Storch , the Ju-88 or He-111). These kits were rather basic and it seems that even im my early days I had recognized that their accuracy was not good enough for serious modelling . That still holds today, but nontheless I rate FALLER aircraft as very interesting from the collector´s resp. historian´s point of view.

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2. List of FALLER Kits

In my Selection of FALLER Kits I list kits I remember to have built in my youth as well as kits I found interesting and bought since 2003.

2. History

The FALLER company was founded by the brothers Edwin und Hermann FALLER in Germany in 1946 [4]. They started with HO scale railroad buildings and accessoires made from wood and cardboard first , later in the mid 50´s they were made from plastic and also offered as kits.

According to [1] the first plastic construction kit a model of a 'stone viaduct' first appeared in 1954. At the Nuernberg Toy Fair in 1956 , along with their growing range of railway accessoires, FALER exibited their 1/100 scale plastic kit range. But consider this as a secondary source.

The earliest date of issue given for some kits is 1956 in the website [W 2] . Obviously the dates are validated by catlogs and leaflets. I found a leaflet from 1957 and a catlog from 1958 depicted there.

According to the listing in [2]  production ended in the 1965's.

According to the listing in [5 ] they were at least sold into the 1970`'s.

There is  stated in [2] that FALLER kits have been available as well in the USA as Europe until the late 60´s - early 70´s when the supply dried up.

The moulds for the Me-109, Me-262, Ju-87, Convair CV-440 and Viscount were scrapped. The rest of the moulds were aquired by Mr. Dahlmann [ 3 ]. He produces and sells these kits packed in new boxes since the mid 1990 under the DAHLMANN brand.

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[2]   Elliott, Kerry : FALLER Aircraft Models in Kit Collector´s Clearinghouse Vol 32 No. 4 August 2005 pp3
[3]   Personal letter from Mr. Dahlmann dated 13.10.2005
[4] FALLER  Ueber uns (about us). There is nothing told about aircraft kits
[5] Wimmer  FALLER / Dahlmann

FALLER Burda Piper. ©cjk

FALLER Messerchmitt Me 262.  ©cjk

FALLER Junkers JU-87.  ©cjk

FALLER Republic Thundertreak instruction sheet. ©cjk

        Selection of FALLER Kits back to  50's & 60's   
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