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Busch Plastic - Notes

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2 From Busch website:

History of BUSCH (.pdf) 50 Jahre Busch-Modelle.
©2008 by Busch GmbH & Co. KG
(History of Busch published for the 50's anniversary of Busch Models )

History (abridged) English language

 History (abridged) German language

 50 Year Annversary (German language)
Data taken from History of BUSCH (.pdf).

The other sources on the left are proposed for furthter reading.
3   Regarding end of production History of BUSCH  says: "In 1962/63 sales of the aircraft models stagnated. The moulds were sold  to a froreign country."

It is common knowledge that the buyer was Lindberg.

The series of aircraft models and kits is no more present in the Busch 1962/63 catalogue, so I stipulate that production ended in 1962.

I have not yet a Lindberg catalog of 1962 and 1963 so I cannot determoine when the Lindberg ditribution was launched. In any case the licence produced Busch kits appear in the Lindberg 1964/65 catalog.

A doublecheck: the Busch kits do not yet appear in the German and US Lindberg 1960 catalogue.
4 Busch 1960 Catalogue (.pdf) .  
5 [5.1] 50 Year Annversary (German language)

[5.2] Mail from
maxtoydetective (July 2013)

[5.2] page 10
[5.1:]My translation:  In the mid 60's the moulds were sold regetably to a foreign country because one wanted
to concentrate on accessoires for model railways. These moulds wer later destroyed in a major fire, so that a resumption of production was not possible.

Mitte der 60er Jahre wurden die Produktionsformen leider ins Ausland verkauft, weil man sich auf den Bereich Zubehör für Modellbahn konzentrieren wollte. Diese Formen sind später bei einem Großbrand zerstört worden, so dass eine Nachproduktion nicht mehr möglich ist.

Diese Packung soll an das erste Busch-Produkt, die Me 109, erinnern und wird in einer einmaligen Auflage von nur 2.999 Stück produziert. Der Deckel der Verpackung entspricht dem Design von 1958. Das Packungsbild zeigt das damalige Originalmodell. Als Packungsinhalt wird das aktuelle Modell der Me 109 im Maßstab 1:87 verwendet - bedruckt nach den Vorlagen des »Urmodells«.

Same text also in as well in
Prospekt Jubilaeumsmodelle .pdf

[5.2] "As far as I know the only molds still present are these of the Spitfire, ME-109, Piper Cub, F-86, Mig-15, Piper Cub and Stuka.
All others were destroyed during a factory fire of which I don't know the date."

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