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The plastic kits - mostly aircraft - I built in my youth from the late 1950´s to the late 1960´s never got out of my mind. They have been lost long since, but even 45 years later I´m still able to list all these kits.

My memories of early modelling are recorded in the section How it all Began of this website. Together with books and magazines from the 50's and 60's these kits laid the foundation of my current interest in aviation.

When I dicovered eBay in April 2003 I immediately looked for some examples of those kits, was successful and started to "buy back" and collect kits I remember. This helped a lot finding my peace of mind in reappraising my modelling past .

Searching for kits I built in the 50's and 60's I discovered and learned to like kits issued in this period which I do not remember. That expanded my original theme of collecting.

Both group of kits are listed and reviewed in the section
50's & 60's of this website. Seen with my eyes of today, boxart plays an important role in this nostalgic look at plastic kits.

Coming in contact with the modelling world again I was tempted to expand the scope of collecting even further. Being a fanatic aircraft type collector with a long latent love to plastic kits in general, I started to buy and collect even out of production plastic kits issued after 1970 as well as kits produced currently. Stress is more on the type of aircraft here and the intention to build the kits sometime or other. These kits are listed and reviewed in the section 1970 up.
Plastic Kits

In the last years (as for April 2015, when I revised his page) I got more and more envolved in researching the history of lesser known brands from the 50's and 60's. The style of collecting has changed. I concentrate more on aquiring kits for documenting history as just for collectibility. That is to the expense of presenting post 1970 kits in this website and buying more post 1970 kits.

Don´t be surprised to find missiles and ships in an aviation enthusiast's website. They belong to my early modelling history. They had an almost equal fascination for me as aeroplanes. That does not have changed up to now, though, I have not as much background knowledge and references as with aeroplanes.

Civil and military vehicles are beyond my interests today and will not be treated in this website apart from a few nostalgic exceptions: AIRFIX/Plasty's Ferguson tractor and REVELL's "cars with fins". As for 2015 these exceptions  have been expanded to historic cars (thanks to my occupation with the early history of Revell) and to civil figures (thanks to my occupation with the Aeros kits).

In the navigation bar I include the link  Books, a section of my Aircraft Type Collection website dealing with a nostalgic look at books from the 1950's and 60's.
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