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The Geobra LO 100 aerobatic glider pictured right was a kit I remember to have built in the 60´s.

According to John Burns [1] "...this company was started by Georg Brandstätter in the late 1950´s. Kits below were available until the late 1960´s".

411  Lo-100
412  HSK 3
413  Olympia Meise

All three are gliders and in 1:50 scale.

Some years ago I aquired the Olympia Meise in an auction (see box, parts, instruction sheet in detail here)

I did not put much effort in looking for the Lo-100, until now.

John Burns [1] is not quite right regarding the company history.  According to the website of Geobra Brandstaetter  Company, Georg Brandstaetter, took over the company in 1908 which was founded by his father Andreas in 1876 . In 1954 Horst Brandstaetter entered the company and is still the owner today .They produce the famous Playmobil figures. [History of Geobra Brandstätter ,German text here ]

Sadly there is no information about the plastic kits and the other products listed below.

On the rear cover of the Olympia Meise instruction sheet, Geobra presents a product range of models. (see picture below right - lager picture here )

On the lower right of this sheet the two other glider kits are depicted.

On the left there are listed the so called Katapultflieger
(Slingshot gliders ), toy flying airplanes which could be lauched via a rubber sling shot..

I fondly remember to have had most of them these as a child, knowing from that time what a Vought Cutlass and a Starfire  is. Though hard to find I will collect these toys to complete my collection downwards.  The attractive boxart compares well with kits of this period.

Very interesting for me are the missiles depicted on the upper right, be they static kits or flying models.
I like to find out more about them.

The Vanguard misile I found and bought in February 2010. It is a non flying plastic kit.

A picture of the box and a sales leaflet of the tank on the lower left is to be found here ( to the courtesy of
Alex and Sean ). Generally military vehicles are beyond my interests but I will make an exception and offer some information for fellow collectors about this quite obscure brand

[ 1 ] Burns (2003)  
[ 2 ]    

Geobra Lo-100 Kit No. 411
To the cortesy of Les aventures Playmobil

Geobra Olympia Meise Kit No. 413  © cjk                            more

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